Back with Babaji

Wherever you are and whatever environment you are in, make yourself apart of it.


What a miracle it is to be back writing as initiate into Babaji’s Kriya Yoga. This kriya is known amongst gurus, yogis, and masters everywhere as one of the most ancient and practical yogic techniques. Kriya, meaning action with awareness, helps to unlock the potential of ones power and consciousness (Kundalini) and thus achieve ultimate Self realization.

My teacher’s master, Marshall Govindan, speaks to the importance of initiation, why it is so powerful, and why it mustn’t be overlooked.

“During an initiation there is a transmission of energy and consciousness between the initiator and the recipient, even if the recipient is not aware of it.

The initiator takes into himself or herself, in effect, the consciousness of the recipient, and begins to expand it beyond its habitual mental and vital boundaries. There is a kind of melting of ordinary mental and vital boundaries, between the initiator and the recipient, and thisgreatly facilitates movement of consciousness to a higher plane.

By so doing, he opens the recipient up to the existence of his own soul, or higher Self, which until then, remains veiled in the case of most individuals. By so raising the consciousness of the recipient, the latter has their initial glimpses at least of their potential consciousness and power. This is what is meant by the awakening of the kundalini.”


Initiation presented me with perhaps the most unique opportunity of my life – to bathe in the water’s of Babaji’s bliss. This process, of which included eleven days in the jungle with no running water, eating only fruit, salads, and seeds, and spending forty-eight hours in silence, literally and figuratively took me to the river to cleanse my soul and ripen Self-realization. It bore a spiritual fruit sweeter than one hundred mango trees.

Simply adapting to an all-natural habit took me out of my ego and all habitual ways of living. I naturally rose at dawn with the chorus of cockadoodle-doos, chirps and coos, indulged in many a mud-bath, ate fruit from the farm, and rested my head at dusk. The mosquitos made it difficult to do anything outside the tent past sundown, so it was a particular delight to bask in every moment of sunlight.

Without any distractions from the outside world, my aura was strengthened, subconsciousness cleansed, all five Koshas (bodies) energized, and senses exploding. I experienced my Self not just as a human being, but as a Holy being.

Magnificently, my perception was heightened beyond my body-mind. The techniques of communication that I learned to connect with the Divine were quite sublime.

This practice has provided me with a crystal clear vision of my true essence – the Seer who abides in my own true form. I dont know if I will ever awaken again without an overwhelming sense of radical love simply being in Babaji’s presence.

I am blessed to be me. I am blessed to be.


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