Jungle Interlude

January 6, 2022

What better way to move out of the monkey mind than to experience life as one?

Tomorrow I will be leaving to live in the jungle for the remainder of the month where I will be taking Babajii’s Kriya Yoga Initiation with a community of locals and devotees.

This science of Kriya yoga has been passed down for centuries and has since been introduced to millions by Guru and Yogi Parahamansa Yogananda.

Since moving to San Diego last summer, I actively attended service at the Self Realization Fellowship and just before embarking on my journey to Mexico City back in December, I started reading Yogananda’s famous book Autobiography of a Yogi. This alone has served me greatly in that it paved the way towards a deeper understanding of yoga and how my heart has ached to bring it to the western world.

Yoga, as defined by the ancient rishi Pataanjali, is the neutralization of alternating waves of consciousness. Kriya meaning action is the active aspect of yoga. Through practical techniques of Kriya Yoga, it is said that man leaves behind the barren realms of speculation.

I can imagine you are speculating right now. How can it be so? I too am contemplating all of the things that I will have to surrender, but am willing to go the lengths to lose my mind all together to see what miracles I find.

What I know:

– I will be away from wifi and all electronics

– I will be sleeping in a tent

– I will be eating a fruit-only diet

– I will bathing in the river

What I don’t know:

– How my ego is going to survive

I will be taking a break from the comforts of the media and the mind all while doing my best not to be afraid of the break down, but rather to break away from the familiar.

This is the most tender night of surrender. I am being as gentle and gracious as I can now and throughout the process. Such adoration and anticipation awaits!I love you all with every cell of my being and can’t wait to be back with all of the blessings.

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May you be at ease and free from suffering.

Prayer of the Day: Dearly Beloved, make me an empty vessel so that I may fill up with nothing but the fruits of your love, wisdom, and divine passion. Amen.

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