Happiness is Equilibrium. Shift Your Weight.

“Happiness is determined more by one’s state of mind than by external events.” The Dalai Lama The concept of happiness is a lot like carrying a backpack. We all have something weighing on our shoulders, but our ability to be happy all boils down to how we choose to perceive it. For three months IContinue reading “Happiness is Equilibrium. Shift Your Weight.”

Back with Babaji

Wherever you are and whatever environment you are in, make yourself apart of it. Sadhguru What a miracle it is to be back writing as initiate into Babaji’s Kriya Yoga. This kriya is known amongst gurus, yogis, and masters everywhere as one of the most ancient and practical yogic techniques. Kriya, meaning action with awareness,Continue reading “Back with Babaji”

Every Day is a Date with The Unknown

January 3, 2022 I’m curious – Are there fountains where people throw pennies in gratitude for what they already have instead of wishes for what they think they lack? Are there pools of holy water where you can skinny dip? Can the piano be my partner? If I put on a pair of groovy pants,Continue reading “Every Day is a Date with The Unknown”

Miracles in Action (M.I.A.)

January 1, 2022 Today is a miracle. Collectively, we are feeling a sense of relief, ease, and wonder that comes with this new year. It has not been easy being presented with unprecedented challenges. We have had to face our fears in the face, wrestle with the shadows of our trauma, suffer from loss ofContinue reading “Miracles in Action (M.I.A.)”