Miracles In Action (M.I.A.)

Welcome to Miracles in Action ~ a conscious collection of stories written to inspire and ignite open-hearted healing.

Now that you are here, take a moment to remember that you, yes you, are a living, waking miracle. There is not one blemish, one characteristic, one part of you that is not Divine by Design.

When we become aware of our true nature as purely joyful beings brought forth to bring light to the world, we open up the Reality of living and experiencing life as a continuous manifestation of Miracles in Action.

Miracle in Action — By Definition: Embodying an equanimous state of ease through recognition of the interconnectedness of everyone, everything, and every moment.

To be a Miracle in Action means to be fully willing to return divided parts of the mind to universal love while sharing awe-inspiring moments of the miraculous with others to strengthen and support them.

The miracle-minded embraces self discipline, forgiveness, detachment, devotion, right mindedness, and responsibility.

The methods and techniques that ancient practices such as Kriya Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation offer help us to achieve higher levels of psychological and spiritual development. As intimately connected beings, we have the ability to raise Self-Awareness, elevate our experiences, and live as Miracles in Action.

Miracles in Action (M.I.A): A bold blog series intended to help you awaken your Miracle-Mind.



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