Every Day is a Date with The Unknown

January 3, 2022

I’m curious – Are there fountains where people throw pennies in gratitude for what they already have instead of wishes for what they think they lack? Are there pools of holy water where you can skinny dip? Can the piano be my partner? If I put on a pair of groovy pants, will I all of a sudden be fully equipped to exotically dance myself into a trance?

These questions may sound far out, but thats where The Unknown lies. Far from the familiar – out in the open field. Not only do questions about The Unknown stem from a place of sheer curiosity, but they keep the heart open to exploring the potentiality of immense possibilities.

The common misperception many of us have about The Unknown is that it is frightening and thus we avoid it. We are often met with panic on the days we awaken and don’t know where we are going to go, what we are going to eat, who we are going to meet, what the weather will be like, and so on. All of these things are quite literally steering our serenity away from the shore because we are so used to trying to control based on what we know.

The truth is that to live a fulfilling life full of love, we must learn to not know.

Think about the last time you were getting ready to go on a date with someone new. You probably started scrolling through their social media, started making up all of these assumptions about their flaws, and started answering all the questions you were too nervous to ask your date because you were scared of The Unknown.

Hopefully this didn’t create such a pent up hesitation inside of you that you couldn’t show up fully, but if it did perhaps a blind date is in your favor!

All jokes aside, it is important to recognize how this yearning to know keeps us attached to something.

This concept came up in a recent conversation with my friend Damien, who eloquently stated that that “there is a sense of nowness in my heart that is telling me reach for everything and hold onto nothing”. “What’re you holding onto?” I asked. He replied “I’m going to be very specific – something.”

People often say “It’s always something.” But something isn’t always.

I am convinced that this is why so many relationships suffer. Before there was a togetherness of the two, there was nothing. The Unknown was potent. Then, as we get to know one another better, a whole bunch of something’s are created – something to admire, then something to obsess over, then something (else) to desire, then something to despise.

The wonderful thing about The Unknown is that by nature it is nothingness and from nothing we gain everything. Unfortunately, our ego desperately tries to hold onto something(s) because it keeps it safe. It keeps us from throwing off the bowlines, sailing away from the safe harbor, catching the trade winds in our sails and setting out into the world of wild, boundless imagination.

I have learned that awakening to The Unknown every day creates the truest sense of safety there is. It is safe because it requires a trust that God will never leave my side. His hand is always in mine, steering me home to my Self time and time again.

Giving ourselves to The Unknown is sacred and simple. It is like being in a love affair with The Divine – the love affair that can never turn into something other than what it is because it has no beginning or ending. It never was anything but pure, perfect love.

This week see if you can make the miraculous choice to go on a date with The Unknown. It can be as simple as going out on a walk somewhere you’ve never been before without directions. Or maybe it’s booking a trip to some place near or far that you know nothing about. Or maybe it’s asking a friend to set you up on a blind date with someone you’ve never met. Whatever you choose, it will be beautiful. Not because I know it will, but because you don’t know.

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May you be at ease and free from suffering.

Prayer of the Day: Dearly Beloved, enliven my creative & curios mind so that I may fall in love with the unknown. Update.

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